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  • E850
    Wraps Your Home In Warmth
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    Wraps Your Home In Warmth
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    Wraps Your Home In Warmth
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    Wraps Your Home In Warmth
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  • Why should I buy an Ecco Stove ® rather than a smaller, cheaper alternative?
    • The Ecco Stove ®will not only heat through the home but also the heat generated will be less aggressive than a conventional wood burning stove and not as dry as air circulation systems so you can have a higher room temperature while still felling comfortable and cozy. As the Ecco Stove ® is not reliant on radiant heat 75°f to 78°f is not just comfortable but enjoyable.

  • The Ecco Stove ® is much bigger than ordinary stoves we’ve looked at. Will it be too hot in the room?
    • No, just the opposite correctly sized Ecco Stove ® won’t overheat the room. You have the choice to heat the room gently or open doors, fire the stove harder and heat much more of the house. Any adjacent rooms will be just 6°f or so cooler than sat 2.5m (8’) in front of the stove. In fact the Ecco Stove ® is one of the smallest masonry heaters available due to our unique use of silicon carbide.

  • How much of the house will the Ecco Stove ® heat?
    • Anything from a house with 7 up to 14 rooms dependent upon model (see Product Specification 1500ft² to 3000ft² homes)

  • Does the Ecco Stove ® stove need to be freestanding/Can the stove stand within a fireplace or fire opening?
    • The Ecco Stove ® can free stand or be built entirely within a fire opening or chimney breast but leaving ideally 5" space to sides and above (or more)

  • Can the Ecco Stove ® stand on a wooden floor?
    • Models 678 and 850 have a designed heat shield for both a wooden (combustible) floor or a wall 2” above a floor; 6” from a wall) providing 5” of free air to sides and above the stove can be provided.

  • How much does the Ecco Stove ® cost?
    • Give our friendly team a call to discuss the costs for the Ecco Stove ® and installation here

  • Does the Ecco Stove ® stove need to stand in the center of the house?
    • The Ecco Stove ® can stand anywhere within the house and deliver the same wrap around warmth – center positioning is not essential.

  • Do I need to reinforce the floor?
    • A concrete pad off a firm foundation is ideal, or a strengthened suspended floor is quite acceptable (floor supports should be professionally designed in).

  • How will the heat generated by the Ecco Stove ® feel?
    • Wrap around warmth generated by the Ecco Stove ® is not heavy, dry or tiring as some methods of heat delivery produce. It will circulate the rooms gently and evenly leaving you feeling fresh and comfortable

  • How much does the Ecco Stove ® weigh?
    • The Ecco Stove ® models weigh between 595lbs and 1763lbs so considerably less than other masonry heaters making them a more practical home heating solution.

  • I only have a 7-room house; can I only have the smallest Ecco Stove ® model?
    • No, not at all, even the biggest model can be fitted into the smallest house. It simply does not have to be fired (burned) as hard. In fact having one of the larger models for a smaller property can make it even easier to heat the home.

  • What colors are the Ecco Stoves ® available in?
    • We have 10 standard colors for the Ecco Stove ® range among which are Natural (stone finish), Grey, Cream, Brown and Red but we can also offer custom options. If you have a specific color you would prefer let us know and we will try to match it. The standard finishes and those generated in customize your stove are all in with the cost of the stove give it a try and see what you can create from the many combinations available.

  • Does the Ecco Stove ® come in one piece?
    • The Ecco Stove ® models are all supplied in parts due to weight and ease of transport but can be built in under an hour. Each stove is made up of up to about 15 parts so it could not be more simple.

  • How long does the Ecco Stove ® take to build on site?
    • Any Ecco Stove ® model can be built on site within an hour see the video here.

  • Can I customize the paint and color options for my Ecco Stove ®?
    • The Ecco Stove ® body can be chosen in a wide range of paint finishes. The iron fittings (door frame; ash pan and plugs) can be chosen in different paint finishes to customize your stove to suit your style. If you have a color choice that is not in our list let us know and providing we can find a match you can create something completely new. Check out the customize your stove tool here

  • How often does the Ecco Stove ® need to be cleaned?
    • On the outside the Ecco Stove ® can be freshened up with soapy water (when cold). Inside the flue channels usually once or twice a year. You can find out more in our video section here or we talk about annual maintenance here.

  • How long does it take to clean the Ecco Stove ® flue / contra flow channels?
    • About 5-10 minutes once or twice a year.You can find out more in our video section here or we talk about annual maintenance here.

  • Is Silicon Carbide a natural mineral?
    • Yes, silicon carbide was only found in the blast area of a meteorite and named moissonite; in production it is a combination of silicon and carbon so more commonly man made in modern times.

  • Is Silicon Carbide hard wearing?
  • Why have you used Silicon Carbide?
    • Silicon carbide has the characteristic of inducing high combustion temperatures and when blended with other minerals retain heat for a long period of time without requiring such a high level of mass.

  • What is Silicon Carbide?
    • Silicon Carbide (SIC) is a product of Carbon and Silica fused to produce a very hard wearing refractory material capable of withstanding high combustion temperatures for a perfect burn and extremely low emissions.

  • Why should I buy an Ecco Stove ® ?
    • If you could heat your home when you have a fire rather than just your living room you would want to want to wouldn't you?


      The unique heater we have created does just that, whether you are looking at occasional use or as a main source of heating the Ecco Stove ® will accommodate. Once you have experienced the warmth created by our range of masonry heaters you won't go back to your old heating methods. Combined with simple controls and efficient combustion the Ecco Stove ® is the complete package for heating.

  • Is the Ecco Stove ® difficult to control?
    • No, there is only one primary air control everything else is pre set. The only thing you have to decide is what temperature you want to achieve and you can very quickly learn how much fuel to use.

  • How do I empty the ashpit?
    • There is a video explaining how to empty the ashpit in the Stove Care section.

  • How do I clean the glass?
    • There is a video explaining how to clean the glass in the Stove Care section.

  • How do I light my stove?
    • There is a video explaining how to light your stove in the Stove Care section.