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Innovation In silicon carbide

Ecco Stoves ® are the one and only silicon carbide masonry heater, manufactured and designed to offer a simple biomass home heating solution. Our aim was to create an affordable heating solution to combat the spiraling costs of home heating and we are happy to introduce a product that does just that. The Ecco Stove ® provides a single source heating solution with no need for plumbing, ducting or electrical requirements just a simple chimney / flue system to provide cosy warmth through the whole home.


What makes an Ecco Stove ® so different?


  • One of a kind – The only product on the market to utilise the great benefits of the mineral silicon carbide for whole home heating...More>>


  • Heat storage - The Ecco Stove ® can retain heat for up to 12 hours after the fire has gone out making it perfect for sending heat through the home while you work and through the night while you sleep...More>>


  • Greater heating area – Much greater range than a conventional wood burning stove or masonry heater...More>>


  • Efficiency – the Ecco Stove ® doesn't stop at complete combustion in the fire chamber but also takes the heat from the spent gases, "Heat the house not the atmosphere"...More>>


  • Simple Installation – The Ecco Stove ® masonry heater is as easy as a wood burning stove to install but with whole home heating that you would need a radiator driven system or power ducted system to provide...More>>


  • Low cost maintenance – With no moving parts and most of the component parts made of silicon carbide which is one of the strongest most durable materials available...More>>


If you would like to talk to us or seek advice about any of our stoves our experienced team are here to help you.

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I was initially worried that we would have to use up huge amounts of wood, but that’s not the case. After the initial firing, one can add the odd log from time to time and the Ecco Stove keeps ticking over nicely to find the oven in itself still warm the next morning.

The stove runs so efficiently that hardly any ash is left in the grate either, which is truly astounding and hassle-free. All our visitors are always impressed by our Ecco Stove!

Dr. Bryan P


  • Building your own masonry heater can be a complicated task and require a specialist stone mason or buying some plans. If you are looking for a DIY ans...MORE
  • The Ecco Stoves surface is higher which drives heat throughout the home, without overheating the room.MORE
  • Silicon Carbide has greater mass and density compared to typical materials used in other heaters.MORE
  • Silicon Carbide has far greater potential for both storing and emitting heat gently compared concrete, steel or cast-iron.MORE